Hippocamp Studios is developing digital games for two distinct lines. The educational line consists of games that teach specific learning outcomes and expand the player’s knowledge base of a particular area. The consumer line consists of games that require the player to use substantial mental processes, such as logical thinking and puzzle solving, in order to achieve completion.

Although most Hippocamp games will be available for purchase to all consumers, the educational line will primarily be marketed to educational institution systems as a whole. The availability of different technologies at these institutions will be assessed so that the games can be available in the necessary formats for tablets, computers, Smart Boards, and other devices. Individual consumers will also have the ability to purchase these educational games through online and mobile platform stores, such as Steam, iTunes, and Google Play. The topics of these games will reflect learning outcomes required by curriculum standards, such as Common Core. These games will hopefully provide all of the tools educators need to teach lessons that conform to current curriculum standards. We have already completed History Investigator for our educational game line.

The consumer line consists mostly of story-based mystery games, puzzle games, strategy games, and a combination of the three. While the games in this line do not directly aim to educate the player on a specific topic, thinking is necessary for success while playing. We are currently working on D.P. Labs for our consumer game line and Bag the Bully for our educational game line.

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