Conjunction Aliens was recently featured in Newsday. Demo coming soon!

Grammar concepts can be difficult to teach to children. Instead of providing detailed explanations, it is often easier to reinforce grammatical concepts through repetition until proper grammar becomes intuitive. Conjunction Aliens is an educational Smart Board game that teachers can use during group lessons. Students interact with aliens that are named for and personify the conjunctions “and,” “or,” “so,” and “but” (such as the Or alien having one arm for choosing one item or another). Students complete mini-games together by taking turns. For example, in the Alien Dress Up mini-game, students are given the premise that the So alien is serious and follows normal conventions, while the But alien is silly and does not follow normal conventions. Students drag clothing items to the So alien or the But alien for various conditions (such as cold weather or visiting the beach) to form sentences (such as “It is cold out, so the alien wore mittens.” and “It is cold out, but the alien wore shorts.”). This mini-game reinforces using “so” when ideas are congruous and “but” when one idea juxtaposes another. Conjunction Aliens is designed in Flash, so students can also play the game on computers for additional individual practice.

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